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Hydraulic Cutting Machine Is An Indispensable Machine In The Industry
Apr 28, 2018

Hydraulic Cutting Machine is an Indispensable Machine in The Industry

1. The press machine must be replaced within one year after the new machine of the cutting machine is started;
2, regularly clean the fuel tank;
3, Clean the filter three months and check that the filter is intact;
4, weekly check the lubrication system is normal;
5, The die should be located in the middle of the cutting field.
e, first cut the squat knob to zero and slowly pressurize;

Machine features and configuration:
(1) Dual-cylinder, precision four-post automatic balance linkage mechanism, making the cutting depth within the cutting domain uniform;
(2) When the pressure is stable in the cutting of environmental protection materials, there will be no discontinuity or green edges;
(3) rapid decline, secondary buffer pressure system to ensure that no knife is damaged;
(4) Machine noise is small, safe and stable, single cylinder is operated, pressure is stable, both hands start blanking operation at the same time, and there is emergency brake mounting, which is safe and efficient;
(5) The ability to cut steel plate to eliminate cutting powders on the finished product;

This machine is suitable for punching non-woven fabrics, sponges, oxford fabrics, carpets, leather, rubber, fabrics, electronic shielding, backlight modules, protective films, non-green materials, adhesive tapes, and other non-metallic materials with a molding die. operation.

1, safe infrared electric eyes;
2, adjustable pneumatic clamp mounting;
3, mechanical blocking equipment;
4, safety belt emergency cut off the power barrier;
5, cross infrared positioning device;

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