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Reason For Slow Return Of Cutting Machine
Apr 21, 2018

The slow return of the cutting machine generally has the following reasons:

First, there is less hydraulic oil or oil is clogged in the filter:
The slow return of the cutting machine is due to the fact that the hydraulic oil is too little or the hydraulic oil is too dirty to clog the screen. The failure of the cutting machine is slow. The first step is to check the hydraulic oil quantity and cleanliness, including the cleanliness of the filter. degree. If it is too dirty, replace the hydraulic oil to clean or replace the filter. Generally, after the above conditions are met, the fault can be eliminated.

Second, the oil pump is damaged:
The oil pump damage causes the cutting machine to rise slowly and accounts for 40% of the entire weight. After the oil pump is damaged, there will be insufficient intake and output oil. Generally, this kind of failure is better checked. If there is a lot of foam in the hydraulic oil, the noise of the air bubble or oil pump is abnormal. If it is too large, the oil pump may be roughly judged to be damaged. The cause of the oil pump damage is generally caused by the dirty hydraulic oil. After the oil pump is replaced, the fault can be eliminated (the oil pump is difficult to repair and is generally replaced directly).

Third, the solenoid valve spool is stuck or insensitive:
The insensitivity caused by the stuck solenoid valve or the insensitive movement of the valve core leads to a failure rate of the return stroke of the cutting machine to be about 10%. The probability of such failure is not high, but it is possible. The main reason is that the valve core is stuck in a certain position and a part of the hydraulic pressure is leaked. The oil causes the oil filling of the cylinder to become smaller and the return stroke of the cutting machine becomes slower. After the solenoid valve is replaced in general, the fault will be eliminated (the same as the oil pump, the solenoid valve is also directly replaced if it has problems, and it is difficult to repair).

Fourth, aging of cylinder seals:
The aging of the cylinder seal ring will cause the oil in the upper and lower chambers of the oil cylinder. The oil in the oil cylinder will naturally reduce the returning speed. The characteristics of the aging of the oil cylinder seal ring are as follows: When the machine is in a stationary state, the upper worktable slowly falls and the pressure becomes smaller. Replace the cylinder seal ring requires a certain amount of mechanical knowledge to complete, and the workload is large, we recommend to find a knowledgeable master to help complete.


Reason For Slow Return Of Cutting Machine

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