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Reasons Why The Cutting Machine Motor Cannot Start?
May 15, 2018

Reasons Why The Cutting Machine Motor Cannot Start?

Cutting machine motor can not start mostly due to circuit reasons, we analyze the specific reasons:
(1) The cutting machine power supply voltage does not meet the requirements, check whether it is three-phase 380V, use a multimeter to check the three-phase voltage, the display voltage is 380 plus or minus 10%;
(2) The fuse is blown; check the fuse should be taken out of the fuse core and use a multimeter to block the measurement. If it is damaged, replace the fuse.
(3) Controlling the damage of the transformer; check the output voltage of the control transformer at the output of the 220V with a multimeter, and if there is proof, control the transformer to be damaged; Take the military method: replace the transformer;
(4) The thermal protection switch trips; the thermal protection switch just needs to press the reset button.
(5) stop the switch contact is not good or damaged; with a multimeter check stop switch normally closed (NC) contacts, the normal state is connected, press the open;
(e) AC contactor damage; damage to the AC contactor is divided into coil damage and contact damage; the coil cannot be closed after it is damaged; contact damage is the top end
There is no electricity at the end of the power supply, which is usually solved by replacing the AC contactor.
(7) The motor is stuck or damaged; it will not start when the motor is stuck, but the motor will send out the humming current, and the thermal protection will break off after more than ten seconds. As long as the motor is burned out, solve the external receiving card. Parts can solve problems;

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