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Routine Maintenance Instructions And Precautions For The Cutting Machine
Jun 12, 2018

Routine maintenance instructions and precautions for the cutting machine

A, cutting machine switch machine:

Connect the three-phase 380V power supply to the terminal block of the electrical cabinet and turn the power switch off. The power indicator light is on to indicate that the power is on. Press the motor start button to start the motor (note that the motor is turning). After 2 minutes of idling, check whether the lubrication system has lubricating oil output. Do not operate and check with no lubricating oil.

B, Note:

1. When the die height is set, first put the die in the appropriate position on the workbench S, please ensure that there is no other debris, and ensure that the height of the die cutter plus cutting pad is greater than the lowest point of the machine I then fully open Set the handle so that the setting collision block falls to the lowest point and contacts the cutting point control switch.
2. When cutting, the mold should be placed at the center of the worktable.
3. Replace the die. Please reset the height.
4. Do not put your hand into the cutting area while the machine is running.
5. When the operator leaves temporarily, be sure to turn off the motor switch to prevent damage to the machine due to improper operation.
6. Avoid overloading to avoid damage to the machine and reduce its service life.
7. Do not operate the machine at the same time.
8. Non-professional electrical personnel must not fight electrical cabinets.
9. Do not play next to the machine.

C. Routine maintenance and maintenance of the machine:

1. Regularly clean and clean the oil filter.
2. Regularly clean electrical components and electrical cabinets.
3. Regularly check the central lubrication system.
4. When the machine is inspected, place a pad between the upper and lower tables and open the setting switch so that the upper table is lowered to the outside of the pad to prevent accidental fall of the upper table.
5. Note that the motor should be completely stopped without pressure in order to disassemble the hydraulic system components.
6. Oil tank hydraulic oil must be replaced in about 2400 hours, especially if the first time the new machine is replaced with oil in about 2000 hours. When the new machine is installed or changed for about 500 hours, the oil filter must be cleaned, or it must be cleaned when the noise of the oil pump increases. Whenever the hydraulic oil is changed, the fuel tank must be completely cleaned. The hydraulic oil should be at least 30mm higher than the oil filter, but it must not be full. It should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the oil tank sorghum.
7. The machine should be cleaned before going off work every day. The harder it is to clear it, the harder it is to clear it. Check if the screws are loose to lock it tightly.
8. Each sliding position should be refueled once a week (machines without a central lubrication system).

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