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Ship Again To Vietnam!
Dec 05, 2018

To Vietnam again,for phone package cutting.The fourth order from the same company!Thanks to the support of our customers, let us have more confidence in our machines.

About machine:

Automatic double-side hydraulic cutting machine used for die cutting disposable blister or foam packaging,epe foam packaging,automotive/plane interiors.

Controlled by PLC,with touching screen,to set and micro-adjust working pressure,cutting depth,feeding speed easier,faster and more precise.

About us:

Honggang Cutting Machine Co.LTD is located in Foshan city of Guangdong province, and is the leading manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of cutting machine of China. Our products are applicable for processing shoes, bags, leather goods, clothes, hats, wood, toy, car decoration, packaging, stationary, blister polyurethane, etc,and are favored by domestic and overseas.

We have a professional service team to provide usewith fast and efficient after sale service.



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