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Tape Cutting Machine Brings The Convenience Of The Packaging Industry
Feb 05, 2018

Food belt cutting machine, transparent tape cutting machine, sealing tape cutting machine, tape cutting machine, tape cutting machine for the machinery industry is a sunrise industry, which holds a huge potential for development. Our country is said to be a large "factory" for future food processing. This shows that for packaging equipment will also be a lot of demand, we see this opportunity to start a large number of the introduction of tape cutting machine, suitable for all kinds of tape, tape cutting machine, tape cutting machine in the packaging industry, greatly increased The efficiency of packaging, but also to manufacturers to reduce delivery time and shorten the delivery cycle.

In addition to the rigid social needs, the government of our country adopts the corresponding encouragement measures and will vigorously promote the transformation of the food machinery enterprises of the tape cutter to the direction of industrialization, informatization and marketization, and help enterprises to break the capital and technical difficulties. The world's leading research agencies also boldly predict the value of the global market for food and beverage tape cutting machines in the next few years by surveying the trends and trajectories of tape cutting machines and label peeling machines used in major global food packaging and beverage industries Will reach tens of billions of dollars. And predict the next 10 years, tape cutting machine packaging machinery will be a revolutionary change, which will bring new opportunities for the food and beverage packaging industry.

Packaging tape cutting machine mechanical development path is not easy, it will face greater challenges. In our country, the food industry is more fragmented and there are more small workshops. According to statistics, there are 450,000 food production enterprises in China, of which 80% are small workshop production under 10 persons. Because of the small-scale enterprises, lack of funds, mechanized production is difficult to be applied, which has some obstacles to the development of China's mechanical development of foodstuff tape cutting machine.

Packaging tape cutting machine machinery industry in the country will also have a longer period of development, many packaging companies will target a foreign target, but the competition in foreign markets is more intense. Germany, Italy, Japan formed the "Iron Triangle" of the packaging machinery industry. Their technical level has overwhelming advantages for the Chinese packaging tape cutter machinery enterprises. Chinese enterprises can stand on the international stage only a handful of few. China tape cutting machine packaging machinery business is still a long way to go, in this long road long will inevitably encounter various challenges, with the support of the government, and actively learn the advanced experience of foreign tape cutting machine at the same time, strengthen independent research and development, ability Make progress.

Science and technology is the life of the tape cutting machine business, but also the power of enterprises. Packaging machinery automatic control system continues to improve, so that the development tends to be intelligent. Such as the detection technology to improve, not only can show the location of the current machine fault but also predict the possible failure, the tape cutting machine operator can promptly check and replace the relevant parts, effectively avoiding the occurrence of failure. Remote monitoring is also an innovative application of the foodstuff tape cutting machine packaging machinery. It is a great convenience for the enterprise that the group customers can unify all the machines and realize the remote monitoring.

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