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The Correct Use Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Feb 05, 2018

See the subject I believe many people do not understand the hydraulic cutting machine to be introduced today is the same thing, but you listen to me talk to you about how to use it after the estimated that what is its role.

Set up a fully automatic computer operation in the cutting of hard materials such as steel need to use a machine. Due to the complexity of the operation of this machine, so in the operation of the process need to pay attention to many details of the problem.

The first is that before the hydraulic cutting machine formal operation must conduct a one-step experimental operation, which means that the need to confirm that the buttons on the operation panel and the various switches are not able to normal use, and to check the panel plate valve is not everything is normal. If it is not used for trial before its official use, problems that may occur when it is officially used can not be solved in time and will lead to some accidents.

The second is the plasma cutting, cutting personnel must be far away from the ignition coil. Because the machine will automatically fire when the plasma cutting, and this time the eruption of the flame, but may endanger people, so the operator should try to stay away from ignition coil.

The third is the choice of cutting flame. If you are cutting a large thickness of hydraulic cutting machine steel, it is best to use the reduction flame preheating before cutting. However, if you want to cut the diameter of the smaller half just use the neutral flame directly on it.

The above three points are some of the operating methods that require special attention when using the hydraulic cutting machine. In addition there are some other details in the real operation of the time you also need extra attention, be careful to use.

In the process of using the need to pay attention to many things, hydraulic cutting machine using the oxygen tube is a need to pay attention to the following on the hydraulic cutting machine oxygen tube precautions and the majority of users friends a simple to say, I hope to give you They bring convenience:

1 hydraulic cutting machine oxygen tube is red can only be used for oxygen, can not be used for other gases; acetylene tube is black, forbid the two kinds of hose for use;

2. If hydraulic cutting pipe trachea aging, or because of spark damage, heat damage, burned trachea, to be replaced;

3. To straighten the hydraulic cutting machine pipe, do not hit the place;

5. Loop the excess hydraulic cutter pipe and place it where it will not be damaged or cut off;

6. Check the hydraulic cutting pipe trachea within the specified distance whether there is leakage, damage, loose joints, or other problems;

7. Hydraulic cutter pipe as large as possible to prevent damage and reduce pressure drop, to prevent gas from the throttle valve through the possibility.

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