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The Role Of The Cutting Machine In The Blister Process
Aug 27, 2018

The blister process is divided into the following points:

Blister production:It is produced by a fully automatic high-speed plastic forming machine. The basic principle is to pull the rolled sheet into the oven to heat it to a softened state, and then pull it to the top of the plastic mold. The mold is moved up and vacuumed to adsorb the softened sheet to the mold surface. At the same time, the cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the formed sheet in a mist to harden it. The formed sheet is then automatically pulled to the storage bin, and the pneumatic cutter separates the formed from the unformed sheet.

The main quality problems in blister products are reflected in:

  1.   The plastic is not in place, which means that the shape is deformed and there is no product that is molded into the same shape as the mold;

  2. Excessive blistering.It  means that the product is too thin;

  3. Undesirable line marks on molded products;

  4. The thickness of the product is uneven.

The reasons for these problems include: the time the sheet advances, the temperature and time of heating, the strength and time of vacuuming, the position of the upper mold falling, the time and depth, the placement of the mold in the imposition, and whether or not the attachment is added between the molds.

Cutting machine processing:A large-sized plastic product must pass through a punching machine and be divided into a single product by a knife. The principle is that there is a large plastic cutting board on the bottom of the punching machine, the large-format molding product is placed on the cutting board, and the previously prepared knife mold is stuck on a single product, and the single finished product is cut through the up and down movement of the punching machine. However, the inadequacy of this cutting method is that the cutting board and the die are relatively easy to be damaged, resulting in a non-smooth trim and a burr. For a bulb with high quality requirements, a cold die and a cold press are required.

If you want to know about cutting machine

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