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Trouble Causes And Solutions Of Cutting Machine Under External Disturbance
Feb 05, 2018

Portable is a more commonly used models, the structure is simple and light, the cost is not high cost, is the best choice for small-scale cutting; customers using portable CNC cutting machine, due to its own machine failure or the operation of the unreasonable, Some faults appear to be normal, here we mainly introduce the reason why the portable CNC cutting machine does not cut according to the specified figure:

1, portable CNC cutting machine system itself is not stable: This is due to some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the absence of the relevant technical strength of the development of cheap operating system, making it extremely vulnerable in harsh industrial environments equipment chaos phenomenon. The company is located in:

2, the operator of the system is not operating correctly: incorrect operation will also make portable CNC cutting machine crashed or chaos away. The correct operation is, in normal cutting, please do not press other buttons.

3, external strong source of interference: In the factory, a lot of equipment itself will produce a large number of electromagnetic and pulsed interference groups, such as all kinds of welders, plasma cutting machine, etc., these interfere directly into the cutting machine system, The impact caused by varying degrees, there may even be an instantaneous system destroyed the possibility of portable CNC cutting machine placed away from a variety of sources of interference (group) ≥ 10m. The company is located in:

4, the system anti-interference ability is weak: portable CNC cutting machine system not only to perform cutting tasks, but also in a harsh environment to withstand a variety of high-frequency burst interference and other sources of interference, in addition to the system should be the best internal prevention In addition to work, but also all the system-related cable shielding and isolation.

With the intense competition in the electromechanical manufacturing industry, for the professional design, manufacture and sale of commercial electromechanical equipment, for the majority of manufacturing companies, the company is facing a revolutionary improvement in the processing technology. The existing shears Machines, bending machines, presses, turret punch and other equipment has been unable to provide enterprises with strong competition.

High-speed precision in laser equipment is nowadays often used in the electromechanical manufacturing industry. Since modern high-speed precision plasma cutting machines controlled by a microcomputer program can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes, they often outperform molding and punching processes Is preferred.Although the processing speed is slightly slower than die punch, but it does not die consumption, do not need to repair the mold, you can save a lot of time to replace the mold, thus saving the processing costs and reduce production costs.For example, high-speed Precision plasma cutting machine in the elevator industry cutting, processing large format stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy sheet plate are very applicable in the processing of such metal materials, high-speed precision plasma cutting machine is the advantage of the workpiece is not deformed , No burrs, wrinkles, and the accuracy is very high, it is superior to the plasma cutting more; coupled with high-speed precision plasma cutting machine tool-free wear, not subject to cutting the hardness of the material, the cutting effect is better than the traditional Cutting.

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