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What About The Automatic Cutting Machine Introduction?
May 29, 2018

What about the Automatic Cutting Machine Introduction?

There are more and more users of automatic cutting machines, and it is very rare to truly fully understand fully automatic cutting machines; today we have come to make a brief introduction to fully automatic cutting machines. The purpose is to let everyone know more about automatic cutting machines.

Automatic cutting machine is divided into: discharge group, feeding group, host (cutting area), receiving group, waste collection (waste box) and electronic control, hydraulic system composed of several major components.

1, discharge group:
It is composed of discharge shaft plus correcting device. The discharge shaft can be one axis or multiple axes. The rectifying device is responsible for rectifying the position of the material to ensure that the released material is aligned with the die without offset.

2, feeding group:
The feed group of full-automatic cutting machine is also called feeding group. The cutting arm is moved by mechanical arm dragging material and circulating belt. When it is moved into position, the material is pressed by the b mechanical arm to prevent the material from moving. At this time, a mechanical arm Return quickly and continue to pull the material after the cutting completion signal is transmitted. This is repeated.

3, host:
The main machine is the cutting area of the entire automatic cutting machine. It is based on the structure of the precision four-column cutting machine. It increases the precision and installs the lower limit and other equipment to make high-precision cutting. The pressure must be stable, otherwise it will cut off the circulating belt; electronic control and hydraulic systems are generally purchased imported originals. The upper head of the main machine is equipped with a pneumatic quick clamping tool changer to meet the needs of rapid tool change.

4, receipt group:
The receiving group has centralized methods such as automatic transplant receipt, manual receipt, and centralized collection of cartridges, among which the manual receipt is faster, the transplanter receipt and the cartridge receiving speed are slower, which can save personnel.

5, waste collection equipment:
The waste of full-automatic cutting machine is collected in two ways: waste box and waste material collection shaft. The waste collection shaft is used in many ways because of its relatively small footprint, easy use and long waste cycle time.
Finally, it should be noted that the host, electronic control, and hydraulic systems of full-automatic cutting machines have relatively high requirements. There are few domestic manufacturers that can produce this machine.

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