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What Advantages Must Be Possessed By A Plastic Cutting Machine?
May 04, 2018

What Advantages Must Be Possessed By a Plastic Cutting Machine?

Plastic cutting machine should have what technical indicators?

The plastic industry can be said to be a relatively special industry. The requirements for cutting machines are different from those of other industries. What specific indicators do the cutting machines have to meet the needs of the plastics industry?

 (1) The punching speed is faster:
Blister is different from other materials. Because the plastic blister is thinner, the secondary pressurization stroke of the blister cutter does not need to be too long, so the secondary pressurization distance can be shortened as much as possible, so that it can be greatly improved when punching the plastic blister product. Die cutting speed to improve production efficiency.

 (2) Pressurization pressure should be stable:
After improving the punching speed, higher requirements are imposed on the stability of the pressurization. The blister products are characterized by rapid one-time punching, and if the products do not meet the requirements, there will be burrs or inconsistencies. phenomenon.

 (3) Punching is repeated to the exact height:
Repeat accuracy refers to the error of coincidence of each punching point. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy of the proof. Now many companies use steel plates as punching pads, which requires that the punching precision of the plastic cutting machine must be quite High, otherwise it will rush or punch die.

 (4) The flatness and parallelism of the table are better:
The flatness and parallelism refer to the flatness of the clamping between the two worktables. The theoretical value is that there is no gap between the two table tops, but due to the machining accuracy of the machine tool, the material deformation and other factors can not be absolute value, but This value can't be too big. When it's too big, punching will happen continuously and intermittently.

The above are several important indicators when the plastic cutting machine punches and cuts plastic products, but you can ignore one or several when punching other products. Please know.

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