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What Are The Difficulties In Cutting Machines?
Jun 13, 2018

What are the difficulties in cutting machines?

Which faults of the cutting machine are more difficult to eliminate?

Some people say that it is noise and fever. Some people say that it is a matter of small pressure and abnormal noise. Others say that they do not move, make old trips, do not rise, and do not fall. In fact, these are just a few simple and easy to repair minor faults. The author engaged in the cutting machine industry for many years, according to past experience, summed up some often appear and difficult to eliminate the failure for everyone to communicate.

Some of the above-mentioned failures can only be said to be common failures that are easily eliminated. Most of the failures that are difficult to remove are soft failures.

Here is an explanation of what is a soft failure: a single-speaking story is a failure that sometimes occurs and sometimes disappears.

Mechanical parts generally do not appear such failures, then the rest is undoubtedly the emergence of more hydraulic systems and electrical control, electrical emergencies such failures are mostly poor contact, aging lines, components caused too many times. Electrically induced soft faults generally have: Normal and abnormal when the action is performed. Punching is sometimes a return to the die, die cutting is sometimes too deep, often tripping, pressing down sometimes does not rise and so on. Such failures sometimes cause the restart of the machine to disappear for a period of time, and then the failure remains. Sometimes restarting the machine will not fail. Hydraulic system soft failure: the machine does not move but is set to normal, does not rise, does not drop, does not return under the punching, does not return, a deep knife shallow (this is more dangerous, it will damage the machine pads and die, and will Personal injury caused by injury).

Soft faults must fundamentally comprehensively analyze the root cause of the problem in order to resolve the problem.

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