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What Should You Pay Attention To When Using A Cutting Machine In Winter?
Jun 08, 2018

What should I pay attention to when using a cutting machine in winter?

Winter is the season of high cutting machine failure. In general, after cutting into the winter, the cutting machine will more or less have an increased failure rate, especially in northern China; the easy-to-failure of the cutting machine in the winter is: the noise of starting machine becomes large, the hose and the oil pipe are easy to break, and the running resistance is large. A series of problems such as pressure instability. So what issues need to be paid attention to in order to avoid appeals?

1. First of all, try to place the cutting machine in a room that is higher than 10 degrees. If possible, place the cutting machine in a heated room; this way, you can use the cutting machine normally every day like any other season without worrying about The cutting machine brought winter weather due to cold weather.

2, using the working heater appropriate to the machine after adding a little warm boot, if not the cutting machine can not be placed in the heating room, can be used to warm the machine after the appropriate heating machine (do not part of the line until the oil temperature reaches 10 degrees After that, put the cutting machine into use.

3, replace the appropriate number of hydraulic oil, to extend the machine warm-up time, if you do not want to use too much time every day to warm the machine, but also with heating, we recommend that you change with a little thinner rolling oil, and use it every day The machine is fully warmed up before being put into use.

4. It is also very important to prolong the idle running time and extend the no-load running time before the cutting of the cutting machine. Generally, it is appropriate to pressurize after 10 minutes of no-load operation.

The above aspects of the operation is nothing more than to use the cutting machine after the oil temperature rises, so that the oil becomes thin, the running resistance is also small, the lubrication is smooth, and the hose and the lubricant tube will not be broken due to the low temperature. The operation of the machine will also be more stable.

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