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Which Materials Suitable For Small Tonnage Cutting Machine
May 02, 2018

Which Materials Suitable For Small Tonnage Cutting Machine

What cutting products are suitable for small cutting machines?
Small-sized cutting machines generally refer to cutting machines whose pressure does not exceed 50 tons. They are small in size, light in weight, low in energy consumption, and can be driven by ordinary lighting.
advantage! Cut a wide range of users in the industry by many small products;
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What kind of products can be used for small cutting machines?

1, leather gloves single cut;
2, ticket, wallet;
3, small plush toys;
4, shoe soles, upper fabric cutting;
5, polishing sheet, abrasive abrasive sheet;
6, small plastic products;
7, PE sealing film inside cosmetics;
8, eye wipe cloth, display film wipe cloth;
9, bodybuilding supplies, such as football;
10, on the bag, the small accessories on the belt;
11, wash foam

.........and many more!

small cutting machine.png

As long as it is a small non-metallic material can be cut on a small cutting machine.


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