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Why Is The Pressure On The Cutting Machine Getting Smaller ?
Jun 15, 2018

Why is the pressure on the cutting machine getting smaller ?

How does the pressure on the four-post cutting machine become smaller?
I don't know if you have a feeling that almost all knife molds can be cut normally when the four-post cutting machine was bought back; but after a few years of use, it was found that there are a lot of bigger molds that cannot be cut. The general performance is that cuts are continuously cut off, so that the number of layers and thickness of the material can be reduced. What causes this? The answer is: Most of these reasons are caused by stress reduction. Cooked said: the pressure becomes smaller.

The above situation is generally more likely to occur on machines that have purchased cheaper ones; (in order to ensure commercial profits and machine price advantages, cheaper machines are bound to purchase some parts that are more sloppy than others and cause poor machine durability. ). What are the reasons why the pressure on four-post cutting machines has become smaller?

The size of the machine pressure depends on the overall pressure of the hydraulic system and the size of the cylinder. The approximate components are:
1, oil pump.
2, the sealing element.
3, external actuators.

First, the oil pump is the supply element for the entire machine pressure, which is equivalent to the role of the engine. The pressure of the oil pump directly determines the pressure of the whole machine

Second, the seal is good or bad; the output pressure of the oil pump in the better sealed case, the force can be transmitted to the machine using the full end, when the sealing is poor, it will produce leaks of different sizes, then the pump output The strength will be reduced by a certain amount of process, resulting in a reduction in pressure on the entire machine.

Third, actuators such as reversing valves, sequence valves, choke valves, etc. In the same way, when the quality of these actuators is not good, it will also cause the system pressure to leak out of the process, causing the pressure of the machine to decrease.

We know the reason why the pressure of the machine becomes smaller can be solved by troubleshooting. Of course, the honggang cutting machine advises you to buy a good quality machine.

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