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Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Thermoforming Machine

Automatic Thermoforming Machine only needs one or two three workers to control, realize the full-automatic, it is modern life style machine, save worker salary, use machine to work instead of mankind to work.
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Automatic Thermoforming Machine only needs 1-3 workers to control, realize the full-automatic. It is modern  life style machine, save worker salary, use machine to work instead of mankind to work. It is equipped with a multi-station system. It completes the online production process of forming, punching, trimming and stacking counting. The finished products can be directly packaged into the box. While improving production efficiency, reducing production sites, and saving labor, the post-secondary processing pollution is eliminated, and the sanitary level of product production is greatly improved.

1. Configuration:


Delta servo driver

temperature control:

Delta temperature controlling moduls

Oil pump:

Germany Rexroth

Oil valve:

Germany Rexroth


Japan Fuji

Touch screen:



Imported from Japan

Electric control:


Vacuum system:

Germany imported vacuum pump

2. parameter:

Forming area:

710×850×130 mm (W*L*H)

Forming speed:

12-20 stroke/minute

Machine size:

11000×2300×2600 mm (L*W*H)

Punching size:

710×850 mm

Heat furnace size:

7800×2600 mm (Three pieces ofbaking sheet)

3. Automatic thermoforming machine picture:

automatic thermoforming machine (2)

4. Specification:

Suitable for sheet material: PP, PS, PET, PVC, OPS, etc Machine size: 5*2.3*2.6m (length, width, height)
Molding size: 610*400*130mm (width, length, height)
Molding time: 12-20 times / min
Hot stove size: 650*1300mm (three sections)

5. Features

All operating systems are digitally controlled by the numerical control interface, precise parameter control, and powerful model data storage function,  the model number can be reused.

Adopting advanced PLC control system, it can realize feeding, heating, forming, punching and stacking in one line. It can work continuously after starting up, and it is easy to operate.


In the plastic packaging industry, automatic thermoforming machine is an important machine, this machine used to product the food plastic tray, cups, blister packaging, plastic box, electronic packaging and so on.

Suitable for the production of various color sheets: polyethylene PS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, plexiglass, ABS, polymethyl methacrylate; flocking sheet; environmentally friendly sheet APET, PET, PP, etc.; photodegradable materials; biodegradation plastic products.





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