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Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

Description Fully automatic vacuum forming machine (also known as thermoforming machine) is a high-grade packaging device that absorbs thermoplastic plasticized PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic materials into various shapes by vacuum suction. Boxes, boxes and other products. Basic......
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1. How is the Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine working?

Our plastic thermoforming machines use servo control systems with advanced automation systems. Not only that, but the plastice thermoforming machine also has three stations. The first is the advanced heating system heating, using advanced temperature control module, making the heating response fast, short time, low energy consumption. Then, through the forming station, the machine is formed, and then the cutting station is used to cut the product. After the stacking station, the cut products are stacked and transported by conveyor. Finally, the waste is recovered through the waste rewinding device. This series of production processes is completed in one time, achieving high efficiency and low energy, saving time and labor costs. Plastic thermoforming machine can work for 20 hours a day to achieve efficient production goals.

Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

2. What products can our plastic thermoforming machine produce?

Whether processing PP, PET, PS, PVC, PE, OPS, degradable materials, or other materials for molding products, our plastic thermoforming machines always produce the best quality.Our plastic thermoforming machine is suitable for producing high demand food packaging products:cup cover,disposable fast food box,jelly cup,electronic tray,electrical plastic packaging,fresh tray,fruit box,medical plastic packaging,moon cake,etc.


Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine product


3. What is features and advantages of our plastic  thermoforming machine?

1. Fully servo driven vibration,thermoforming good and fast.
2. Fully machine in compact structure,taking small floor space;
3. Can be adapted to a variety of materials,and the products thicker 8% than the average machine products.
4. Furnaces automatic removal device,can be turned down at any time during production without breaking the sheet.reaching without wasting materials;

5. Electric furnace temperature control system uses intelligent automatic compensation control,a control,a control of a regulator,easy to adjust the temperature uniformity,easy to use,simple,fast heating,low temperature three times up and down the oven roast slices.
6. Forming,cutting die servo-driven,two-way adjustable for upper and lower mold stroke,in which the upper mold electric adjustable in clamping direction. The upper and bwer molds height position can be adjusted conveniently and fast under the clamping state;lower mold in clamping direction readily accessible buffer,increasing the clamping speed,avoiding shock.
7. Auto cutting,auto counting,auto transmission by PLC.
8. Labor saving,only 1-2 workers packing.


4. Specification and Application:


Forming area:710*850*120mm(W*L*H)
Forming speed:12-20 stroke/minute
Machine size:9800 × 2300 × 2400mm(L*W*H)
Heat Furnace size:7800 × 2600mm(top+bottom)
Pulling:Delta servo driver
Temp:Delta temperature controlling moduls
Oil pump:Germany Rexroth
Oil valve:Germany Rexroth
Circuit:Japan Fuji

This Type of forming machine suitable to high demand of food packaging products:

lid,fresh tray,moon cake tray,disposable food tray and boxes,instant noodle bowl lid, the tea/coffee cup lid,beverage cups,ice cream cups,jelly cups, boxes,household plastic packaging containers.

pharmaceutical/wine/electrical appliances plastic blister packaging...


5.  Detail of plastic thermoforming machine photos:

Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine


Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine company

Fully Automatic Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine company


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