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Plastic Disposable Food Container Making Machine

Plastic Disposable Food Container Making Machine

Essential Description Details Double Worktables Fully automatic vacuum forming machine integrate forming, cutting, Robot arm grab at the same time, also the foam products could come out automatically. It is vacuum forming as well as press forming and synthetically forming. It can be used for...
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Plastic Disposable Food Container Making Machine

1. Application:

This plastic disposable food container making machine is suitable to high demand of food packaging products:lid,fresh tray,moon cake tray,disposable food tray and boxes,instant noodle bowl lid, the tea/coffee cup lid,beverage cups,ice cream cups,jelly cups, boxes,household plastic packaging containers,pharmaceutical/wine/electrical appliances plastic blister packaging.

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2. Specification:


Forming area


Forming speed


Machine size11000*2300*2600mm(L*W*H)
Punching size710*850mm
Heat Furnace size7800*2600mm

3. Main Features

1.Fully servo driven noise,no vibration,forming good and fast.

2.Furnaces automatic removal device.can be turned down at any time during production without breaking the sheet,reaching without wasting materials;

3.Electric furnace temperature control system uses intelligent automatic compensation control,a control.a control of a regulator,easy to adjust the temperature uniformity,easy to use,simple,fast heating,low temperature three times up and down the oven roast slices.

4.Forming,cutting die servo-driven,two-way adjustable for upper and lower mold stroke;

5.Labor saving,only 1-2 workers packing.

4. Datails of machine photo:

5. Advantages

1.Our product is made by excellent workers and designed by professional engineers, welcome to our factory and test in person;

2.We will offer enough relevant devices to ensure customers will be satisfied;

3.Once we finished deal, we can provide discount, which depends on how the scale of your order;

4.Customization is available, and we will utilize top class technique.

6. Service Support

1) Our corporation has over 10 years experiences in manufacturing and supplying such machines and consumables.

2) We have professional engineers and each of them has enough skills to solve any potential problems.

3) There is an excellent team for sales, after-sales and Technology support!

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