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A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Technical Characteristics Of Cutting Machine
Apr 24, 2018

A comprehensive analysis of the technical characteristics of cutting machine

CNC cutting machine (use: metal cutting, non-metallic cutting) compared to other significant advantages of cutting equipment is mainly reflected in the following areas:

1, cutting speed, cutting quality, accuracy (accuracy) high;

2, narrow kerf, cutting surface is smooth, does not damage the workpiece;

3, not affected by the shape of the workpiece, not affected by the hardness of the material being cut (Hardness);

4, In addition to the metal material processing, but also for non-metallic cutting processing;

5, saving mold (title: the mother of industry) Investment (meaning: the accumulation of future revenue), spare materials, more effective cost savings;

6, simple, safe, stable performance, improve new product development speed, with a wide range of adaptability and flexibility.

cutting machine rack is the most important part of the laser equipment, not only the vast majority of components are mounted on the rack, but also to withstand the gravity of the table and add, slow down the process of inertia (inertia) impact Load. In the process of using the need to pay attention to a lot of things, the use of oxygen flame CNC cutting machine is a need to pay attention to the following on the CNC flame cutting machine oxygen tube precautions and the majority of users and friends simply say.

CNC metal cutting machine rack design and development work include:

1, to determine the CNC laser cutting equipment in a variety of conditions and environment fast, high-precision, stable operation conditions.

2, according to the functional requirements to determine the structure of the rack, parameters, combined with the structural characteristics of cutting machine, to establish the corresponding dynamic model. At first glance this name, we must think it is very magical, the following professional manufacturers to take us all together look at it is what kind of equipment. The plasma cutter is working with a special tube that can be used to deliver a compressed gas like nitrogen, argon or oxygen. The magical pipeline houses a negative electrode inside.

To study the influence of rack structure and parameters on the static and dynamic stiffness and the stability of the rack, and to provide a theoretical basis for rack design.

4, to determine the mutual coupling between the rack and other components.

Therefore, the design of CNC metal cutting machine rack how to rationalize the layout of the metal to reduce self-weight and improve the body stiffness, reduce the temperature changes on the accuracy of the impact of the design process need to consider (consider) problem. Plasma cutting machine at first glance such a name, we must think it is very magical, the following professional CNC cutting machine manufacturers take us all together look at it is what kind of equipment.

CNC metal cutting machine in the actual circuit, there is a strong electrical interference between analog signals and digital signals. The role of optoelectronic isolation circuit in the case of galvanic isolation, the light to send the signal to the coal, the input and output circuits can be isolated.Therefore, it can effectively suppress the system noise and eliminate the interference of the ground loop, the response speed, Long lifetime, small volume impact resistance, etc., making it widely used in strong-weak electrical interfaces, especially in front and back channels of computer systems.

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