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Automatic Cutting Machine Laser Technology Is More Widely Used
Feb 05, 2018

In the process of rapid economic development in our country, the speed of industrial development is more obvious. In the process of gradual development of industry, the importance of processing technology in the industry gradually emerges. As a more advanced processing technology, automatic cutting machine technology, whether from its development prospects, or the importance of the application of the entire industrial development has a positive role in promoting. automatic cutting machine technology applications not only improve the efficiency of processing, but also to promote the process of processing more sophisticated.

In the process of processing industrial operations, automatic cutting machine is a more frequent use, a wide range of applications of a technology. In the field of processing, about 73% of the machining operations require automatic cutting machine technology. Compared with the traditional cutting method, automatic cutting machine technology, high precision, strong adaptability and noise, good cutting quality waiting point is a large area of application, at the same time, for some complex and complete with large abrasive processing operations, automatic cutting machine technology, not only does not require the use of abrasive, but also to ensure the quality of cutting. In reducing production costs in the process, improve production efficiency. Thus, automatic cutting machine technology is widely used in vehicle manufacturing, aviation and light industry in areas such as. In recent years, in the process of the development of processing industry in our country, automatic cutting machine technology has achieved rapid development in application.

In the process of cutting technology is widely used in the process of automatic cutting machine technology to further accelerate the development. The development of automatic cutting machine technology can make the technology more advanced in its application. From the current development situation, automatic cutting machine technology in the following direction.

Developed into high-speed, high-precision cutting technology

At present, China's processing and cutting technology is still showing backwardness. In view of this situation, China's processing and cutting technology in the process of development gradually toward high-speed, high-precision direction. The current improvement in high-power laser beam mode and related applications in microcomputers offer the possibility of producing high-precision, high-speed machining and cutting equipment. At present, the technology of automatic cutting machine applied in our country has exceeded 20m / min, the cutting speed of two axes of the automatic cutting machine can reach 250m / min, the acceleration has reached about 10G in the running process, About 500 per minute can be cut. In the process of automatic cutting machine technology application will find that the error between these holes is very small. It can be seen, automatic cutting machine technology in fact has actually begun to move toward high-speed, high-precision direction.

Cutting Machine Technology Application Heavy plate cutting and large-size workpiece cutting

During the actual operation, it can be found that the power of the automatic cutting machine used in practical operation is gradually increased, and the cutting fluid is moving from the cutting of light industry sheet toward the cutting of heavy industry in heavy industry. Thicknesses of carbon steel capable of cutting for high-power 6KW lasers have reached 32mm. In the continuous improvement of cutting technology in the process, our country continue to try, 3KW laser gradually used in 32mm carbon steel plate for cutting. And the operation of the project has started to run. In addition, the cutting tool technology applied to the workpiece size range continues to increase. Current automatic cutting machine technology can cut the board has reached 6.3m long, 5.5m wide. From the actual cutting process can be found, automatic cutting machine technology has begun toward the direction of large plates, large size, to promote the automatic cutting machine equipment is also designed in this direction, thereby further enhancing industrial processing technology.

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