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Domestic Cutting Machine Industry Development What Are The Influencing Factors
Feb 05, 2018

Regardless of the current situation of cutting machine work now, are not able to choose to say cutting machine work within a few years in the future, so in the future the development of cutting machine is very important and demand cutting machine work is particularly important, because the cutting machine Whether now or in the future is the beginning of a few years to cut the company to have a very good start and the future, the following summary of the future direction of cutting machine and precautions.

China's cutting machine work attributed to start fast start late, in the early 90s attributed to the disposal of damaged materials of low hardness. Then after years of unfolding, the cutting machine changes are varied, but the future changes what is it? Shanghai Kerui Ricoh Machine Co., Ltd. is also a professional production and sale of cutting machine manufacturers, the future changes have also been carried out Some conclusions, mainly divided into several major aspects: environmental protection, machinery large-scale, to meet the needs of shopping malls, technological innovation and so on.

Foremost, environmental protection: China has always recommended an environment-friendly society. The same is true for the industrial sector. Last year, for instance, it canceled and annexed a batch of cement works, greatly reducing China's environmental pollution. As we all know, mining machinery work is also high energy consumption, high pollution work, in order to start a good, it is necessary to take the green road.

Cutting machine design has a long history. Since the 1960's the application and popularization of electronic computers, some modern design calculation theories and new methods have penetrated into the field of mechanical design. On the other hand, tribology is a fringe discipline developed in the recent twenty years. It is a science that studies friction, wear and lubrication. Friction is a phenomenon, wear and tear is the inevitable result of friction between solids. Lubrication is to reduce friction and prevent wear an important means.

Since 1966, jail created the term tribology, it gained rapid development and huge economic benefits. It is estimated that about 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the world's energy consumption in the friction process; the reason about the damage of the prototype machine about 75% is due to the friction pair caused by wear and tear. China's 1985 "Tribological Applications Survey Report" states: "Through the application and development of tribological technology, annual savings of 15% of GNP will be saved by 40 billion yuan by the end of this century." As early as the 1970s Someone once said: "Machinery products in the 1980s would not be competitive in the international market if they were not designed for tribology."

Tribological problems of label cutting machines have been widespread since ancient times, with numerous tribological design issues ranging from walking and brushing to artificial heart valves and aerospace technologies. Review the failure of cutting machine parts form, not only due to strength, stiffness and other deficiencies and damage, but often due to work after a certain period of friction and wear of parts surface failure. New approaches to part design have evolved from the overall strength of traditional material mechanics to surface strength, including contact strength, crush strength, wear strength, and bond strength. Therefore, mechanistic research and industrial production actually urgently need to combine tribology with mechanical design, the so-called tribological design.

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