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Four Major Factors That Determine The Working Speed Of The Cutting Machine
Feb 05, 2018

There are a lot of people in the purchase of CNC, etc. are listening to sales staff introduced, it is easy for consumers to misunderstand, I believe that plasma cutting machine is the strongest machinery, work efficiency awareness. But in fact it is not the case, to determine the cutting machine speed is determined by the four factors,

A factor, the cutting machine model

Model refers to the cutting machine current output size. It is the key that directly determines the thickness and speed of the cut. The greater the current, the cutting ability will increase, the speed will also increase.

Second factor: different materials

Different cutting materials will be cut at different speeds. The most common cutting materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, but in comparison, copper and aluminum cutting more trouble, the speed will therefore be reduced, the same power ion cutting copper and aluminum material thickness Will be small.

Three factors: the input voltage size

The power supply voltage in the general factory is fixed. However, due to the actual situation of different factories, the input voltage will directly affect the cutting speed.

Four factors, gas flow

Gas flow is to ensure the formation of ion jet. Excessive gas flow can take away a large amount of arc heat, resulting in decreased ability to cut. Too little gas flow will be plasma and lose its proper upright, reducing the depth of cut, while prone to dross phenomenon, so the gas flow must be based on cutting current and speed with the good.

It can be seen from the cutting machine can affect the working speed is not to say that the better the material, the cutting speed will be faster, or according to the actual situation, the so-called weather conditions and should be the case Express it! Effective use of cutting machine to complete the work content is the ultimate goal of its election.

From the use of numerical control skills, our country's production technology has reached a level close to the international level, to meet the needs of each user and improve the market competitiveness. So what is the development of the cutting machine?

First, the compound development With the continuous development of numerical control technology, compound technology has gradually become a keen project, in each machine can see all kinds of production requirements, such a complex production is a new round of advanced production the way.

Second, intelligent technology put on the agenda

Past the manual control of cutting machine has been unable to meet the current management needs for the development of people, the future of CNC technology needs through the electronic equipment on the cutting machine for the entire operation, learn to complete our CNC cutting intelligent.

Third, precision has been improved

From the just listed cutting machine silk level to today's CNC cutting level, because the accuracy of the more to meet the high demands of modern technology products,

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