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What Is The Advantages Of Cutting Machine Quick Storage Tank?
Jun 02, 2018

What Is The Advantages of Cutting Machine Quick Storage Tank?

We all know that the efficiency of automatic cutting machines is several or even several times that of ordinary cutting machines. The substantial increase in overall machine efficiency is actually the accumulation of efficiency of each component. In the automatic cutting machine parts, it is necessary to highlight the quick storage tank. The fast storage tank system is a complex system. The accurate calculation of the hydraulic system and the perfect coordination of the system oil line can be used to the fullest extent. At present, more than ninety percent of domestic cutting machine manufacturers cannot master their core technologies.
So, what are the advantages of automatic cutting machines equipped with such a complex rapid cylinder system?

The advantages are as follows:
1, fast;
When the automatic cutting machine cuts down, the fast oil storage tank will automatically open and connect the oil tank to quickly fill the oil (make up for the slow oil supply due to the small pipe) by relying on the internal logic valve. Waiting time, when the end of trimming, the system will automatically open the logic valve to quickly turn on the oil return line to quickly return oil to achieve fast return, and so on. We compare the efficiency of the automatic cylinder cutting machine with the efficiency of the fast fuel storage cylinder is more than two times the efficiency of the ordinary cylinder.

2, the oil temperature does not increase;
The rapid cylinder operation of the automatic cutting machine is to achieve the purpose of rapid oil replenishment or oil discharge by controlling the oil to open or close the logic valve. The hydraulic oil directly flows from the tank to the replenishing tank without passing through a narrow pipeline. Therefore, the hydraulic oil temperature will not increase without limit for a long time. We did the test: The automatic cutting machine worked continuously for ten hours. The oil temperature remained at 45 degrees to 55 degrees (summer) from 40 degrees to 50 degrees (in winter).

3, the pressure is more stable;
A very important factor in whether or not the pressure of the automatic cutting machine is stable is whether there is air in the cylinder or not. The ordinary cylinder will not mix in air under normal conditions. When the cylinder is large (bore size), the displacement of the oil pump is smaller than The replenishment will cause the oil in the cylinder to mix with air and cause insufficient pressure stability. The fast tank is directly charged by the logic valve, so there is no time to supply oil, and the relative pressure stability will be more

4, long-term use;
Automatic cutting machine fast oil storage tank is directly from the oil storage tank oil discharge, shorten the oil back and forth stroke to reduce wear, and the rapid storage tank to maintain the oil temperature is not more effective to protect the seal will not be aging due to high temperatures, so The service life is greatly improved.

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