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What Is The Reason For The Slow Rise Of The Cutting Machine?
May 22, 2018

The speed of the cutting machine is mainly due to the following reasons:

First, Pressure pump suction or damage:
When the hydraulic pump sucks in air or damage is caused by insufficient oil supply, the solution to the rising speed is: replace the hydraulic pump seal. If the hydraulic pump is damaged, only replace the hydraulic pump.

Second, the oil spill:
Leakage of oil in the oil circuit leads to insufficient leakage pressure. At the same time, a part of the oil leaking will affect the system oil supply. At this time, the rising speed will also be slower. The solution is that the oil leakage is easier to find and can be seen while observing the limit while applying pressure. Leakage site, repair leak site cutting machine can resume normal work.

Third, the solenoid valve can not return or damage:
Failure of the solenoid valve to return to position or damage will result in direct return of some of the oil to the tank. This, of course, can also cause the cutting machine to slow up and slow. If the solenoid valve is not in place or is damaged, it can only be replaced directly.

Fourth, too little hydraulic oil or filter clogging:
When the hydraulic oil is too little or the filter is clogged, the hydraulic pump cannot fully absorb the oil. The amount of oil in the system is not enough, and the cutting machine is slow to rise and slow down. What is the solution is: Fill a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil and clean the filter.

Fifth, summary;
At this time, there will be a question in everyone's mind: Why does the rise slow down when the above failure occurs, and the drop is not obvious? When the hydraulic system of the cutting machine decides that the cutting machine is in the descending state, the oil discharged from the cylinder is not directly returned to the tank, but directly returns to the pressurized chamber of the cylinder, but only the last die-cut hydraulic oil is directly returned to the tank. When rising, all the fuel tanks will be directly and directly. This is the reason why the cutting machine has failed and the speed of the cutting machine has not changed significantly, and the rising speed has become slower.

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