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Manual die cutting machine

Manual Sole Cutting Machine

Manual Sole Cutting Machine

Description: This hydraulic cutting machine is mainly suitable for die cutting single or multiple layers of nonmetal rolled materials by die cutter. It is widly used in many industries, such as: Automotive interior Sheet material industry supplies Floor mats Abrasives, abrasive paper Leather and...
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This machine is also called four column cutting machine, for shoe sole cutting machine is popular in rubber shoes products factories, as its flat wide cutting area and easy to operate.

HG four column shoe sole cutting machine, manual type from 25 tons to 50 tons, or up; area of 610x1600mm, or as request.

Product parameter

cutting force


Input power source


Cutting Area(mm)

610*1600mm or 610*1220mm or custom

Machine Dimension(mm)




Operation precision


Motor power(kw)


Machine Weight(kg)


Cutting Force

30Tons,40Tons,50Tons or custom


1. Heightened top sheet feeder enable bottom sheet loading without production stop.
2. Turnup bridge plate is convenient for cleaning, discontinuous water-circulating system ensures washing clean.
3. Automatic feeding for bottom sheet, manual feeding for top sheet (feeding from side for top sheet is optional).
4. Flexible front register, bottom sheet is not exceeding the top sheet, and it's adjustable for the front-and-rear lamination between bottom sheet and top sheet.
5. Bottom sheet can be paperboard more than 350gsm, A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated cardboard.
6. Intelligent control and compacted energy-saving and controlling play from the stack of paper.
7. Using high-precision plastic block device, save glue.
8. Side feeding is optional for top sheet.
*Optional: PLC control, lengthening compression part, elevatable platform for top sheet.


1.Our product is made by excellent workers and designed by professional engineers, welcome to our factory and test in person;

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3.Once we finished deal, we can provide discount, which depends on how the scale of your order;

4.Customization is available, and we will utilize top class technique.

Service Support

1) Our corporation has over 10 years experiences in manufacturing and supplying such machines and consumables.

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